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Electronic Security Alarms & CCTV

Probe offers a tailored approach to your electronic security.  We can link your Intruder alarm to our monitoring station and also contact keyholders and the police should an emergency arise.

Buying electronic security to secure your premises is a very important decision, whether for domestic or commercial premises. It is essential that the products you choose gives the protection you want. It is equally important that the quality of the installation work, and the ongoing service you receive from the installation company, meets proven industry standards.

Business CCTV systems are a must have for many companies to protect their property from theft and damage. Commercial CCTV cameras will not only help staff and customers feel safer but provide vital evidence to help find and convict offenders should the worse happen.


We use leading-edge surveillance cameras and equipment when installing CCTV security systems for businesses. We also tailor your security system to suit your needs. We will carry out a free initial survey of your premises to analyse factors such as

  • Weak spots an intruder might take advantage of

  • The proximity of neighbours and residents (including advising on a CCTV privacy impact assessment)

  • Operational requirements such as light levels.


We then design and install a bespoke surveillance system ideally suited to your environment. You can monitor our high-quality camera images from anywhere in the world with our mobile CCTV system, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Controlled access is crucial. After all, why do we have locks on doors?

There must be a balance between security and free movement. Our engineers are trained and experienced people that can install systems to limit access to designated areas to particular people in order to prevent unauthorised intrusion.

The systems will also create an audit trail to enable a review of personnel movement should the need arise.

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