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Close Protection

Close Protection is a very specialised sector and as such requires the experience of an expert team. No two assignments are ever the same. It usually involves protecting high profile individuals or groups, who bring their own unique challenges. Our security and protection service provided is completely bespoke in every case.


In a world where criminals and terrorism threaten safety, keeping safe and having the right level of protection is vital to security and peace of mind. Our team of officers are highly experienced, having dealt with clients from a plethora of different sectors including film, TV, radio and the music industry in some very extreme locations. Our close protection officers are professional and discreet, doing their utmost to let the clients go about their daily lives. They are highly trained in dealing with a broad range of situations and threats, allowing them to respond efficiently and professionally to clients needs.


Our experience means we are able to assess requirements, determine potential areas of threat and offer a bespoke service. Our tailored solutions offer protection throughout the client’s engagement.  We can cover short or long-term solutions and where necessary, provide supporting equipment such as surveillance technology.

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