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Concierge & Corporate
Front of House

Concierge combines the skills of a security operative with those of a receptionist, a diplomat, a maitre d’ and caretaker.


When appearances and first impressions really matter then our concierge service is for you.

We hand pick our people. They are not just receptionists and their principle role is to meet and greet – those are just some aspects of the duties we undertake.

First and foremost, our staff are all licensed by the Security Industry Authority. They are trained, qualified and experienced in aspects of security guarding. Their main role is to protect people and property.

We deal with visitors, we prevent unwelcome intrusion, we are a centre point.

We have spent many years developing our skills and techniques in demanding, prestige roles in which positive customer experience is vital. This is our focus – to provide a safe and secure environment discreetly and without disruption.

From offices and universities to hotels and apartment blocks, concierge security guards are vital to making guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome. As both a first impression and first line of defence, you need to make sure that your concierge security service is provided by a security company that you can trust.

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