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Construction Security

We understand just how vulnerable construction sites can be and know exactly what measures need to be put in place to ensure that this is not the case. With expensive equipment, tools and materials often left unattended, construction sites make for the perfect opportunity not only for thieves and vandals but also make for a hazardous danger zone for unsuspecting children who simply see your site as a playground.


Manned guarding is still one of the most effective security measures, acting as a highly-visible deterrent to ensure the protection of your construction site and your personnel.

At PCSS, we can provide highly experienced manned construction guards with specialist skills including security mobile patrols, access and gatehouse security. Due to the hazardous nature of construction sites, we can also deliver first aid trained and health and safety trained officers to assist with any issues that may arise.

Our dedicated team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property and equipment are protected, ensuring minimum disruption yet optimum protection to your site.

Construction Site CCTV Security

Probe also provides construction site CCTV, either as a standalone service or as a supplement to our construction site security guards. By using self-sufficient mobile CCTV towers, we can quickly set up a temporary IP CCTV service that connects directly to our control room for remote monitoring without a mains power supply or wired internet connection, making it the ideal CCTV for construction sites.

If you’re unsure which construction site security solution is the best option, we have you covered. Every quote comes with a free, no obligation risk assessment, empowering you with the knowledge of the most effective security solution for your site, risk level and budget.

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