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Dog Patrols

Probe offers the ultimate security package with canine patrols; our trained dogs will offer an extra layer of protection and make criminals think twice before striking.


Our dog patrols offer a new dimension to your security practices, our canines are trained and a visible deterrent. Probe’s Canine patrols have proven to be an effective solution in preventing any unauthorised access to property and sites.

The canine handlers we have are some of the best trained in the industry, the experience and knowledge they have make them a truly effective force. Trained canines are psychologically imposing on criminals and will most certainly make them think twice before acting with criminal intent knowing they have an extra layer of protection to cut through.

All security dogs and handlers, deployed by Probe, are highly trained and routinely assessed. Training conforms to British Standards 8517-1, the UK’s highest standard for dog and handler training.

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