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Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding is one of the most proactive security methods that you as a client can have, our Manned Guarding are highly effective and will bring you peace of mind today by preparing for tomorrow.


We understand that each client will have specific needs and we work alongside them to create the most effective, efficient and harmonic methods of Manned Guarding. At Probe we have a rigorous employment system ensuring that the guards we employ are to the highest possible standards.  Together with our guards we proactively liaise with all of our customers so we can build on the ethos of “working with our customer not for them.”

There is no greater deterrent for criminals than a manned guarding system and remains a core element in the security industry. Our guards are highly vigilant and are vastly experienced within the industry. Our clients feel safe and secure knowing that a team of trusted professionals are working tirelessly to prevent any potential threats.

All of our guards are First Aid trained and are fully qualified to deal with emergencies. We believe having a diverse skillset is key for our team and we always strive for continued professional development. The industry is constantly evolving and it is essential that we are at the forefront of our industry when it comes to the development of skills.

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