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Mental Health Awareness Training

With mental health issues constantly rising it is essential that your employees are trained in mental health awareness. Our programmes will leave you with an increased understanding in mental health and mental illness.


Probe develop and deliver bespoke mental health training that help workplaces truly learn about mental health and to try and break the stigma in the workplace. We thrive to normalise conversations about the topic and encourage people to open up about their problems. Positive approaches to mental health are imperative as they can be the difference in potentially saving a life. Our training aims to change the experience of people suffering from mental health issues in the workplace.

Our training offers mental illness detection which is imperative in the current climate, there are certain symptoms and signs that are recognisable to the trained eye. This can be incredibly important in the prevention of a colleague’s health deteriorating, by noticing the signs you can alert someone and get them the help they desperately need.


• Level 1 Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health
• Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health
• Level 3 Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

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