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Mobile Security Patrols

If your property doesn’t require a permanent security presence, but still needs to be inspected on a regular basis, our mobile patrol units can visit as often as appropriate to check your site, as well as ensuring that no other internal issues, such as water leaks, exist within the building.  This goes hand in hand with our 24hr alarm response unit.


We have a team of Mobile Response Units that respond to incidents at any property protected by us. Co-ordinated through our 24-hour hotline number, these units attend alarms and provide support to other security staff in the event of an incident. They patrol in sectors to ensure minimum response times and mutual support.


PCSS offers a team of highly trained and experienced Patrol and Response Officers who can provide the following services:


  • Mobile Security Patrols 

  • Vacant Property Inspections 

  • Building Inspections 

  • Locking and Unlocking Services 

  • Staff Escorting 

  • Lone Worker Support 

  • Collection of Mail 

  • Fire Alarm Tests

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